BIG NEWS: Knittique has just launched a new (and growing) collection of its own hand-dyed and hand-painted yarns!

Of course, you can still find Knittique-exclusive Scraplet Skeins, those wondrous skeins made up of multiple colors and textures (including yarns hand-painted just for us!), hand-tied to produce one-of-a-kind skeins. And take a look at my Stranded Skeins, Best of Both Skeins, and Signature Skeins (click here to see these), all of which can be used for any Scraplet Skeins pattern!

Speaking of which, Knittique also has its own line of patterns, designed to showcase those luscious Scraplet Skeins in scarves, wraps, blankets, and more. What’s that? You think they’ll be too difficult to make? Never! Since there’s so much fabulosity in the yarns, we keep the styles—and the knitting— even easier than falling off a log. (Not that we’d want you to do that!)

How will you know when there’s a new Scraplet Skein (or jewelry, samples, and other Knittique goodies) available? Easy! Just send me an e-mail to let us know you want to be notified when new products are listed, and that’s it— you’re on our list! (And don’t worry, I NEVER share our list with anyone. Not even my mother.)

You can also “like” Knittique on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter! Oh, and if you’d like to see some of my sources of inspiration, come visit me on Pinterest!


Hello, fellow fabulous fiber fanatics!

NEW hand-painted yarns!

This gorgeous skein is 100% silk, the better to show off the many shades of orange, coral, and pink that make up this colorway called “Celosia”.

It’s just one of the rapidly-expanding line of hand-dyed-and-painted yarns now available in Knittique’s Etsy shop!

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